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Durango 2wd 3 inch Rear Drop Kit

DJM Suspension
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DJM Suspension

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RK2399 | Durango 2wd 3 inch Rear Drop Kit, Priced As Each - Medium Install - Instructions - Yes  
Manufactured by DJM Suspension | RK2399 |  Durango 2wd 3 inch Rear Drop Kit,  Priced As Each - Medium Install - Instructions - Yes, In an effort to simplify lowering your truck we have created RK (Rear Kit) part numbers for many applications. Rear kits are made with components from more traditional lowering kits, customized for each truck. With most rear coil spring drops, especially on Suv’s, it is almost absolutely necessary to reposition trailing arms, sway bars, shocks, etc. DJM’s trailing arm brackets reposition the trailing arms down away from the frame to maintain suspension travel when using lowered coil springs. Amazingly, some competitive kits do not do this and we can’t believe the ride could possibly be as good as it can be! DJM Suspension thinks that lowering your truck is only part of what we need to do, if your cool looking lowered truck rides awful, how is that a good deal? We include everything needed in our kits to give you a great riding factory aligning drop. Which is why you may find offset sway bar end links that allow your sway bar to be 100 percent effective even after a 5” drop. Repositioning shock mounts is also a popular part in rear kits because shocks simply work a lot better when they are vertical. Often if you don’t use a shock extender with a lowering kit your shocks become much more horizontal which means they are not damping the motion of the rear of your vehicle very well and your ride suffers. In some rear kits there is a flip kit which moves the rear axle from below the leaf spring to the top of the leaf spring, and often will lower your truck too much by itself. So DJM includes leaf spring shackles and or hangers which lift the truck to the designed ride height. In many cases the lifting shackles will allow you several positions to set the ride height at, a very handy thing, especially with all the different wheel and tire combo’s in the world  Product information updated on 2024-07-04. This product can ship by Small Parcel