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1988-98 Chevy 1500 2 inch Coils.

DJM Suspension
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DJM Suspension

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CS2351-2 | 1988-98 Chevy 1500 2 inch Coils., Priced As Pair - Easy Install - Instructions - No  
Manufactured by DJM Suspension | CS2351-2 |  1988-98 Chevy 1500 2 inch Coils.,  Priced As Pair - Easy Install - Instructions - No, Coil springs and torsion bars are the easiest way to lower a truck. Let’s face it, you can for almost no money, either heat or cut coil springs. Torsion bars are even easier. Its so tempting, too many people have either turned back their torsion bars, or cut their springs and tried to live with it, only to finally say “I can’t take it anymore”. If you have ever ridden in a truck lowered this way you know what I am saying. Ladies must wear sports bra’s, no piping hot drive-thru coffee on this trip. Well enough of that, it is the cheapest and oddly enough, the absolute worst way to lower a truck. But why does cheap have to be so bad? Lets explore – when you heat a coil, at the very least the area you heat up loses its spring temper (the ability of the steel to rebound or remember to return to its original position after it has been compressed) or in other words it just sets there like a lump. If the rest of the spring is not damaged (a big if) the rate will still increase a great deal while the stress applied to the spring increases even more. The spring is severely over levered. If you cut your springs the same thing happens. This is of course dependent on how much you cut. It is possible to trim springs to balance or fine tune a ride height, but were talking about removing 1/4 coil or less, and is generally done by very experienced installers, and it’s not going to lower your truck very much.  Product information updated on 2023-05-17