2007 to 2013 GMC & Chevy 1500 4WD Complete Lowering Kit

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Lowering Kit Builder Tool. The Easy Way to Build Your Lowering Kit

Our lowering selection tool for the 2007 to 2013 GMC & Chevy 1500 4WD. Each kit can be selected with or without either Belltech NitroDrop 2 shocks, or Belltech Street Performance shocks.

Lowering your 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 or 2013 GMC / Chevy 1500 4WD will give it a sleek look and lower center of gravity.

The Lowering Kit is available in the following configurations.

You can leave that factory height at the front and use shackles to drop the rear by 2-inches.

Spindles are used to drop the front by 2-inches while shackles can be used to drop the rear by 2 or 3 inches.

Front lowering of 2 inches with spindles, the rear can be dropped 4-inches with a flip kit and raising shackles.

To go down 4-inches on the front, use spindles and struts, a flip kit will lower the rear 6 inches.

Kit Notes:

  • If using spindles you must use at least a 17" wheel
  • Lowering the front of a 4wd over 2 inches will cause drive axle wear and is not recommended
  • Lowering the rear more than 4 inches requires shorter shocks
  • Lift/Lower struts can be found here

This generation of GM 1500 series trucks is the first to use a front strut suspension. The strut holds the coil spring so that means that in addition to lowering them with a coil or knuckle, you can also lower them with a strut that has the coil mount relocated. In fact, BellTech struts come with spacers so that you can set your ride height from a 2-inch lower right up to a 2-inch lift. The advantage of this is that you aren't change the coil and firming up the ride and the struts are relatively cheap. My 2 cents still say that the knuckle is the best way to go. BellTech also has a knuckle designed to correct the suspension geometry when lowering more than 2 inches. Look for part number 2511. The 2WD and 4WD trucks take the same parts in the front but use caution when lowering a 4WD more than 2 inches because it can cause early drive axle failure. In the rear the front hangers are all welded on so if you want more than a 3" drop (Shackle and remove the factory block) then you need to use a flip kit. Flips are available with 4 to 7 inches of drop to achieve your desired stance. If lowering more than 3 inches you need to replace the rear shocks.