2015 to 2020 Ford F150 2wd Complete Lowering Kit

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Lowering Kit Builder Tool. The Easy Way to Build Your Lowering Kit

Our lowering selection tool for the 2015 to 2019 Ford F150 2wd Complete Lowering Kit. Each kit can be selected with or without either Belltech NitroDrop 2 shocks, or Belltech Street Performance shocks.

The 2015 and newer Ford F150 has proven to be a very popular truck to lower, and a lowering kit is available in the following configurations. They are easy to install a lowering kit on the 2wd models. The front end will be lowered with a set of adjustable struts giving 1 to 3 inches of drop and the rear will use either a shackle and block removal for 1" or 2" drop, or else a flip kit for a 4" or a 5.5" lowering. We also offer a 3" DJM rear shackle that requires cutting of the bed crossmember for clearance

If you are the proud owner of a 2015 Ford F150, 2016 F-150, 2017, 2018 or 2019 F150 it's inexpensive and easy to lower your new Ford with a great lowering kit.

Front lowering is done by using a set of Lowering struts. They come with spacers that allow you to adjust the front ride height from a 1 inch lift all the way to a 3 inch lowering. We have found that on the four wheel drive trucks the front end actually comes down about one more inch than the instructions say so keep that in mind when installing these in the front of your 2015 or new Ford F150.

In the rear you can lower your 2015 and newer Ford F150 1" or 2" by using a set of lowering shackles.

If you want a 3 inch rear lowering the we recommend the DJM Suspension lowering shackles, Keep in mind that when you do this you need to notch the rear bed crossmember for clearance so that the shackle doesn't contact it.

A four inch rear drop is achieved by using flip kit. It includes a set of lifting hangers to get it back up to the 4" drop. This flip kit fits both the 2wd and 4wd Ford F150 models but  is designed only for the supercab short box and supercrew short box models.

You can even do a 5.5" drop in the back of your Ford F150 by using a flip kit. It is recommended to be used only on 2wd Ford F-150 models. Belltech does not list it for the 4wd models so if you install it on a four wheel drive F150 and you run into problems they won't be able to help you out with tech support.

The finishing touch on your Ford F150 is to add a set of rear lowering shocks. The NitroDrop 2 shocks are the standard in performance shocks and the Street Performance version are the top end upgrade for your 2015 and newer F150 lowering kit.