Belltech Shocks & Struts

Belltech Shocks & Struts

  Belltech’s parent company KW automotive is a world leader in shock absorber technology and is relied upon for their expertise in suspension tuning by some of the world’s most demanding OEM and Aftermarket companies such as the ACR Viper team at Chrysler, Mercedes AMG, Novitec Ferrari, and Hennessey Motorsports. KW automotive engineers in conjunction with Belltech Engineers have spent countless hours designing and tuning a complete new line of shock absorbers exclusively engineered for Belltech Sport Truck, SUV & Muscle Car applications.

Belltech Shock Technology Explained

Our Belltech Street Performance and Trail Performance shocks pack a ton of features and technology into a great shock package.  While our shocks are priced an incredible value, they are by no means shorted on features!

The Belltech Street Performance struts and shocks are available for thousands of applications and are engineered for lowering applications.

Our Street Performance and Trail Performance Twin Tube shock absorbers feature independent rebound and compression valves, and are tuned for every application.  This ensures that your truck, Jeep or SUV rides and handles at the peak of performance and ride quality.

 Nitro Drop 2 Shocks

Belltech designed the Nitro Drop 2 shock line to provide the Truck and SUV market with a unique blend of shock tuning. This new setup concentrates on the Comfort level while also increasing the overall performance of the complete suspension system.

Designed with the daily driver Truck and SUV customer in mind, Belltech Engineers increased the low speed compression and massaged the rebound forces of the shock valving providing a factory style ride comfort while providing better road feel and grip.

The Nitro Drop 2 line features application specific Direct OEM replacement shock absorbers for popular Trucks and SUV’s.


Nitro Drop 2 Shocks
  • OEM replacement with performance characteristics
  • Cavitation free valve train avoids air from decreasing the shock absorbers effectiveness
  • Dust boots and OE style rubber bushings offers maximum durability
    Metal dust boot
    Hardened Chrome 12.5mm piston rod
    Triple lip NBR rod seal
    Teflon guide bushing
    NEW 30mm piston with low friction piston Teflon seal
    NEW Performance rebound valve design45mm wide body for increased oil volume
    NEW 35mm performance compression valveReinforced
    OEM quality rubber bushings



    Street Performance Shocks

    The Belltech lineup of Street Performance OEM / Direct Factory replacement shocks are designed as a simple and impressive upgrade from your factory units, delivering premium ride quality and increased handling for today’s trucks and SUV’s.

    Belltech engineers focused their attention on tuning the low speed compression and rebound characteristics of our Street Performance OEM shock line, producing a great balance between comfort for your everyday commute and overall performance for those spirited drives.

    Street Performance Shocks
    • Vehicle specific applications
    • Oversized Construction provides additional damping control
    • 15mm piston rod, 35 mm piston and a 55 mm shock body
    • Internal Teflon coated bushings and piston seals avoid metal to metal contact
    • Increase in handling and performance at maximum comfort


    1. Metal dust boot
    2. Hardened Chrome 15mm piston rod
    3. Triple lip NBR rod seal
    4. Teflon guide bushing
    5. NEW 35mm piston with low friction piston Teflon seal
    6. NEW Performance rebound valve design
    7. 55mm wide body for increased oil volume
    8. NEW 35mm performance compression valve
    9. Reinforced OEM quality rubber bushings