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Lowering 101: The Best Lowering Kits for your Truck in Canada

If you want to make your truck look a bit sportier or you’re going for a fully custom look, then you should be looking at lowering your truck. Aftermarket lowering of trucks is big business. With that comes many manufacturers of lowering kits. So, how do you know which lowering kit is the best for your truck?

Not all lowering kits are made the same. You will find the lowest grade to the highest – and everything in between – in Canada and online. So, you need to know what to look for and how. If you want that lowered look done right, you must order a high-quality kit.

Here are just a few things you should look for in a lowering kit for your truck and some of the best kit brands out there.


3 Things You Should Know When Lowering your Truck

  1. Watch out for the lower ride. With a lowered truck, your vehicle will be much closer to the ground. This lower ground clearance increases the risk of scraping the bottom of the vehicle. So, be careful when using driveways and speed bumps to protect your new lowering job. This may also be the case with the tires scraping on the inside of your wheel wells. So, buying the right lowering kit for your truck is essential.

  2. The right kit helps you get it right the first time. Lowering your truck affects the suspension geometry. So, not only do you need to carefully plan the lowering of your truck, but you also need to pay attention to the type of lowering kit you buy. The right lowering kit helps you get it right the first time. A good quality kit comes with all the parts you need to make a smooth transition to a lowered truck.

  3. Choose a lowering kit that’s best for the results you want. You can lower your truck using coil springs, leaf springs, hangers and shackles or drop spindles to name a few. Each method depends on the effect you want and how low you want your truck. The supplier of the kit should be able to guide you to the right one based on what you want even if you don’t know which kit does what.

3 Benefits of Lowering Your Truck

  1. It Improves traction - With a lower centre of gravity, your truck will distribute pressure more evenly on all four tires during a turn. Because of this, you get roll centre reduction and improved traction in your truck.

  2. It Improves Fuel Performance - Lowering your truck enhances aerodynamics which helps to improve your truck’s fuel economy. With less air passing under the truck, you get less drag and therefore better performance and improved fuel economy.

  3. It improves handling - A combination of the lower centre of gravity and the increased spring rate that comes with a lowered truck makes it easier to handle the vehicle in motion. This is because the increased spring rate helps to compensate for the shorter shock travel.

The Best Brands for Lowering Kits in Canada

If you’re familiar with lowering trucks, then you must know the names Belltech, McGaughys, and DJM Suspension. These are amongst the leaders for quality lowering kits for trucks. Belltech lowering kits are durable, versatile, and well made to fit your vehicle. McGaughys and DJM Suspension are also well-known for the quality and completeness of their kits.

These kits help to take the guesswork out of what parts and components you need for a properly lowered ride. In Canada, you can get any of these three brands at thedropshop.ca

We are also the largest suppliers of Belltech lowering kits in Canada.

If you’re not sure which of these three brands of lowering kits to choose for your truck or the lowering process to use, just give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.